Chairwoman’s Message

“Built upon a foundation of trust.”

Over the last two decades, INKAS® Security Services has established itself as a trustworthy cash management provider that fulfills the entire end-to-end chain of secure operations for businesses of all sizes.  Our success is built upon a foundation of trust, commitment to safety, teamwork and integrity.

We’re aware that the world is changing every day and we are making sure to do our best to change alongside it.  Constant research and development play a crucial role in the solutions that we offer to our clientele. We are proud to be one of the pioneers within the Canadian security services sector and are continuously expanding our business portfolio by entering new markets and verticals.

On behalf of the entire INKAS® Security Services team, I would like to thank all of our clients who entrust their business to us. The most important lesson that we learned is that in order to succeed you have to listen to your customers – as nobody else will ever let you know what they truly want and need. We base our innovations on our clients’ feedback; discovering which issues they experience on a daily basis helps us to better foresee what might be happening to the marketplace in the long run. We look forward to continuously lead the future of security, trailblaze new industries and solve the problems of tomorrow, today.


Margarita Simkin

Chairwoman, INKAS® Security Services Ltd.


Extensive training of all personnel
Thorough and systematic supervision
Implementation of latest security standards
One-to-one approach
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