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Over two decades of excellence in the security sector

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is an integrated security risk management company offering a full cycle of security services to government organizations as well as businesses, merchants and financial institutions. INKAS® services include the secured transportation of cash and its equivalents, coin processing, ATM services, armed security and vault storage. Within the realm of cash management services in Canada, INKAS® is seen as a leader with proven results, an established track record and a highly-skilled workforce.

INKAS® fulfills the entire end-to-end value chain of security including its own: truck manufacturing, technology innovation, and safe manufacturing. This approach allows the company to ensure the quality and offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions. As a result, INKAS® can pass on this unique industry advantage to its valued customers with competitive cash in transit solutions, superior customer service and flexibility.

The company strives to understand the challenges its customers face by taking their specific requirements into consideration. As such, it has created an optimized and integrated cash management solution. In order to promote leadership in the industry, INKAS® prides itself on being an innovative company. Its goal is to provide a deep level of innovation with every product and service it offers. With research and development being a pivotal factor in INKAS® growth, the company recognizes the importance of continuing to push the boundaries, in order to further elevate INKAS® as a brand founded on quality, sustainability and progress.

Mission & Values

INKAS®’s mission is to provide fully integrated financial and security solutions that strengthen customers’ profitability by drastically increasing revenues, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and enhancing the security of their valuables.

Taking into consideration different challenges that our clients facing on a daily basis, INKAS® has created an integrated cash management solution designated to optimize the cash logistics from the point of sale to the client’s bank account. Our core values based on the principles to help our customers fully attain their financial goals and provide peace of mind. In order to do so, our skilled professionals are committed to delivering high-quality products as well as continuously improve provided services.

The vision for INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is to continue to oversee the future of the security industry and to offer standing out and innovative solutions to its wide range of clientele.


Extensive training of all personnel
Thorough and systematic supervision
Implementation of latest security standards
One-to-one approach
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