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Secure and affordable fund transfer solutions

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. provides secure, convenient and cost-effective wire transfer solutions to commercial clients throughout Canada.

“We understand the need for a quick turn around and provide our clients with the ability to have funds collected, counted and wired safely and securely.”

Stemming off its multi-decade history of offering secure solutions, INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is a leading choice for businesses in need of consolidated wire management for both traditional and cryptocurrency operations.

Money Service Businesses

Money Service Businesses

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. provides its Money Services Business (MSB) clients with the option to have funds wired to settlement accounts or directly to their registered bank account once passing our In-House KYC process.

Consolidated Wire Transfers

Consolidated Wire Transfers

Clients with multiple locations requiring the collection of funds to be deposited into a single account can skip the multiple banking fees and have INKAS® Security Services Ltd. collect, count and wire the funds in one deposit.

Cryptocurrency Solutions

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. provides Cryptocurrency Operators with the ability to collect, count, and have funds wired to Settlement accounts for daily operations as well as wire consolidation from multiple sites.

Why outsource coin processing?

Operational and reporting factors

While changes are being enacted to eliminate lower denomination coinage from circulation – coins still account for a large percentage of currency being taken in and distributed at various government, financial and retail outlets all over Canada. As a result, managing coins in large quantities may prove to be a daunting task for many organizations.

Specialized equipment, storage facilities, maintenance and operational staff as well as sophisticated reporting systems are all required to adequately process large quantity of coin currency. These are all valid reasons for why it almost always makes more sense to outsource coin processing functions.

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Extensive training of all personnel
Thorough and systematic supervision
Implementation of latest security standards
One-to-one approach
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