The INKAS® Difference

Strategic solutions that set us apart

End-to-end solutions with a proven track record

INKAS® Security delivers exceptional services through dedicated staff, trained personnel, efficient management structure, security culture, years of industry experience, significant financial resources, training facility and the use of both proprietary and commercial technologies. As a result of its diverse security culture, INKAS® combines resources to deliver cost-effective and operationally efficient armored vehicle services.

“Continually listening to our customers has enabled us to offer form-fitted solutions on a new level.”

The company operates a fleet of armored vehicles that are manufactured and customized by its sister company, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. Each vehicle features entire perimeter protection and equipped with the latest technology. INKAS® deploys a fleet of unmarked armored vehicles that are environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

Why Choose INKAS®?

Custom-Engineered Fleet

Each vehicle is built in-house and meets all local and international guidelines when it comes to armoring and security standards.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

In order to reduce carbon footprint, INKAS® utilizes Mercedes Sprinter vans for operation. These vehicles are considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient utility vehicles on the road.

Environmentally Friendly

INKAS® has an extensive Environmental Policy with a Committee that meets quarterly to review and modify all Policy components. We encourage a paperless operation through electronic billing, payment and soft copying of any form of written communication.

Commitment to Innovations

INKAS® prides itself on being an innovative company that invest significant amount of recourses into R&D. With research and development being a crucial factor in our growth we recognize the importance of continually pushing the boundaries, innovating and tackling the obstacles of tomorrow that may not yet be present today.

Scheduling Flexibility

Our efficient scheduling system allows for increased flexibility when scheduling pick-ups, drop-offs as well as ATM replenishment.

Highly Secured Facility

Operating out of a state-of-the-art facility, we securely vault and transport substantial sums on a daily basis.

Discreet, Unmarked Armored Trucks

A portion of INKAS® vehicles are completely unmarked offering more flexibility and security when compared to marked cash trucks.

Dedicated Account Manager

All clients are provided with a single point of contact for all scheduling and support-related matters.

Regionally-Assigned Crews

All guard crews are assigned regionally in order to ensure that clients aren’t continually seeing new faces representing INKAS®.

Putting Customers First

INKAS® is committed to its customers’ ongoing satisfaction and actively investigates various avenues and opportunities that will ensure 100% satisfaction.


Extensive training of all personnel
Thorough and systematic supervision
Implementation of latest security standards
One-to-one approach
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