Vault Storage & Management

Fortify your assets

Secure storage of your valuables

INKAS® Security Services Ltd., in conjunction with its storage division (INKAS® Storage), offers secure, allocated storage solutions to private, commercial and institutional clients.

“Whether it is gold, silver, cash or software, rest assured in knowing that INKAS® Security Services Ltd. has the capacity to safely store it for you.”

Vaults are housed within a high-security restricted access facility with 24-hour multilayer security in place. INKAS® Storage Solutions provides both allocated and segregated storage services enabling maximal flexibility, efficiency and security regardless of type or quantity of item being stored.

Vault & Storage

Multiple Vault Solutions

Both shared vaulting and completely segregated, single-point of access vaults are available within our secure storage facility.

State-of-the-Art Security

State-of-the-art Security

Making use of industry leading multilayer security systems and protocols ensures the security of your valuables within our vaults.

Bullion Sales & Storage

Precious Metals Storage

INKAS® Storage offers high security storage solutions to private, corporate and government clients.

About INKAS® storage

Leading high-security storage solutions

INKAS® Storage provides private investors and commercial clients alike with a high-security framework for transporting, accounting for and storing valuables such as precious metals, gemstones, currency and others.

The Secure Storage Program offers investors geographical diversification for their assets as well as the ability to benefit from Canada’s favorable social, political and economic climate.

INKAS® has the flexibility and niche expertise, combined with the security and logistical capability to offer a top-tier storage and security solution unmatched elsewhere.


Extensive training of all personnel
Thorough and systematic supervision
Implementation of latest security standards
One-to-one approach
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